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Research on Monoclonal Antibodies

Antibody Responses in Mice to Particles Formed from Adsorption of a Murine Monoclonal Antibody onto Glass Microparticles

Therapeutic Human Monoclonal Antibodies in Inflammatory Diseases

Monoclonal Antibodies for the Treatment of Cancer

Phase I Study of GC1008 (Fresolimumab): A Human Anti-Transforming Growth Factor-Beta (TGFß) Monoclonal Antibody in Patients with Advanced Malignant Melanoma or Renal Cell Carcinoma

Assessment of an Anti-Alpha-Toxin Monoclonal Antibody for Prevention and Treatment of Staphylococcus aureus-Induced Pneumonia

Hapten Optimization for Cocaine Vaccine with Improved Cocaine Recognition

Number of Monoclonal Antibody Products in Development Continues to Increase, According to Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development

Humanized Anti-Carcinoma CC49 Monoclonal Antibodies

FDA might approve medicine made from genetically modified goats

Researchers Find Quick Way to Make Human Monoclonal Antibodies against Flu

Immunostimulatory monoclonal antibodies for cancer therapy

Chickens engineered to make monoclonal antibody

For possible treatment of Alzheimer's

Horror clinical trial in test tube recreation

New Scientist Report on British biotech industry

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